PWS 5610T has a 5.7″ graphic touchscreen display with 256 colors and a resolution of 320×240 pixels. There is one communication port supporting RS232, RS422 and RS485. The front enclosure is IP65 classified, which means that it is protected against low

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Item PWS5600T-S
Display Type Color TFT LCD
Display Color 256 colors
Display Size 5.7” (diagonal); display area is 115.2 X 86.4 mm
Number of Pixels 320x240; Number of 8x8 characters displayable is 40x30.
Display Adjustment
Back Light LED; Lifetime 40,000 hours
Touch Screen Analog
Input Power 24VDC±15% ; Under 8W
Flash ROM 2M bytes
RAM 512 K bytes
CPU 32 bits RISC
Battery Backed Memory 256 K byte
RTC 1 Yes
COM1 9-pin female: RS232/RS422/RS485
Front Panel Seal IP65
Ambient Temperature 0~50°C
Storage Temperature -10~60°C
Ambient Humidity 10-90%RH(0~40° C),10-60%RH(41-50° C),non-condensing
Vibration Endurance 0.5mm displacement, 10-55Hz, 2 hours per X, Y, and Z-axis directions
Shock Endurance 10G, 11ms three times in each direction of X, Y, and Z axes
CE EN61000-6-4,EN61000-6-2
External Dimensions (mm) 195.0(W) x 145.0(H) x 40.2(D)
Cut-out Dimensions (mm) 185.8 x 135.8
Weight 0.5 Kg
Cooling Natural cooling
نوع صفحه*


Communication port type


Display size


Ability to connect external memory


تغذیه ورودی
ساعت و تاریخ داخلی
تعداد دیتا لاگر
تعداد آلارم
پسورد گذاری
دقت نمایش (پیکسل)
حافظه پروگرام
دما و رطوبت
درجه حفاظت (IP)
ابعاد برش تابلو (میلی متر)


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