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  • FBS-TBOX 46cm x 32 cm x 16cm suitcase, containing FBs-24MCT main unit. FBs-CM25E communication module (RS232 + RS485 + Ethernet network), 14 simulated...
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  • FBS-20MAT2-AC 12 points 24VDC digital input (2 points high speed 100KHz, 4 points medium speed 20KHz, 6 points medium speed total 5KHz); 8 points relay or...
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  • SH300 SH-300 Text Panel is a new product launched independently by ARRAY ELECTRONIC CO. It is mainly used to be connected with PLC or other intelligent...
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  • MC-NT MainsCompact NT is a mains supervision unit designed to manage up to 31 InteliCompact NT MINT controllers operating in parallel to mains operation...
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  • IC-NT-Mint Compact gen-set controller for gensets operating in multiple island and/or parallel to mains mode (together with MainsCompact NT) Built-in...
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